AILH’s mission is to provide Independent Living Services and programs for persons with disabilities throughout the Hawaiian Islands. AILH was founded by a group of experienced, committed, and dedicated professionals who wanted to give persons with disabilities in Hawaii the choice of where to receive independent living services. The majority of board members and staff are persons with disabilities. Recent AILH activities have moved online and include Fitness Fridays and other Zoom support groups, as well as other social activities. These events have really helped our consumers connect with new peers on the outer islands.

With the help of Ohana Fuels, our critical services can continue to be offered to our consumers throughout the Big Island at no cost to them. Big Island services include regular support groups that service Youth, Women, and Mixed Groups. Other Big Island support services include referral services for housing, transportation, medical assistance, independent living skills training, group activities, and other projects that help empower persons with disabilities to make choices in their lives that will enhance their dignity and self-respect and provide full integration into the community as equal citizens with all the privileges and responsibilities available to others.

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