Maui Food Bank was the most recent beneficiary of the Ohana Fuels “Fuel up. Do good.” Community Giving Program. Ohana Fuels partners with nonprofit organizations that serve the local community’s needs and donates a portion of every gallon of gasoline purchased at their stations in that community. The total donation given to Maui Food Bank from Ohana Fuels will provide over 20,000 meals to people who are at risk of going hungry.

Maui Food Bank is Maui County’s primary safety net for those who are food insecure. The food bank serves over 12,000 people per month who need hunger relief. “Mahalo to Ohana Fuels for the generosity they have extended to Maui Food Bank and for their commitment to helping the hungry in our island Ohana,” said Marlene Rice, Development Director of Maui Food Bank.

“At Ohana Fuels, we are proud to support local nonprofit organizations through our “Fuel up. Do good.” Community Giving Program,” said Kimo Haynes, President of Hawaii Petroleum. We value the exceptional work these nonprofits do to help local residents, and we look forward to supporting our communities through our “Fuel up. Do good.” program.

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