Puna Hawaii – Neighborhood Place of Puna was the most recent beneficiary of the Ohana Fuels ‘Fuel Up.  Do Good’ program. Ohana Fuels partners with nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of the local community, and donates a portion of the proceeds from every gallon of gasoline purchased at Ohana Fuels stations in that community.  For the third quarter (July 1st to September 30th) a total of $6,621.81 was donated to Neighborhood Place of Puna.

Neighborhood Place of Puna is part of a coalition of non-profits responding the Kilauea eruption. Together, they have housed 133 impacted households, and have provided other support such as emergency airfare, financial assistance, and crisis counseling to individuals and families directly affected by the eruption.

“No single organization or agency can do it all! We are better and more effective when we work together. This donation from Ohana Fuels will help us – Neighborhood Place of Puna – continue to do our part in helping those whose lives have been turned upside down by the Kilauea eruption,” said Paul Norman, Executive Director of Neighborhood Place of Puna. 

Added Kimo Haynes, President of Hawaii Petroleum, “We can only imagine the heartbreak and uncertainty caused by the Kilauea eruption.  As members of the Big Island community, we at Ohana Fuels feel it is our duty to assist Puna residents, and we applaud Neighborhood Place and all the other organizations for their efforts, as well.”


Photo caption, From Left to right: Kimo Haynes, President of Hawaii Petroleum; Paul Normann, Executive Director of Neighborhood Place of Puna; Sha’nae Ramos, Neighborhood Place of Puna; Joy Madriaga, Hawaii Petroleum.


Ohana Fuels is Hawaii Petroleum’s retail fuel brand that provides competitively priced, quality fuels at safe, clean, and convenient locations including eight stations on the island of Maui, and eleven stations on the island of Hawaii.  Certified as a TOP TIER™ fuel provider, Ohana Fuels meets the premier standard of gasoline for optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

Hawaii Petroleum is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which our Ohana Fuels stations operate, and gives local residents a way to support the community with every tank of gas they purchase. Learn more at www.ohanafuels .com


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