Maui AIDS Foundation provides critical resources that promote the health and well-being of the members of Maui County, including the islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. The services that they provide help keep the community healthy as a whole by offering both preventative services and opportunities for testing, counseling, and referral services for those who are concerned about their health.


For those in the community who are living with HIV/AIDS, Maui AIDS Foundation provides a wealth of programs for those with barriers to assistance. Not only do they offer medical health services and support, they also provide dental health service linkage, assistance with applying for and navigating insurance, and case managers help each individal access an appropriate HIV doctor and HIV medicines. In addition to these health services, they offer an on-site food pantry, housing assistance, and more for their clients.


Maui AIDS Foundation also offers counseling, social activities, support groups, and other positive community elements to support those in the LGBTQ community, giving a safe space to some of the community’s most vulnerable members including teenagers who need social and emotional support. 


Thanks to the assistance from Ohana Fuels, Maui AIDS Foundation is able to continue offering its critical community work at no-cost to community members during the pandemic, as the need grows and funds continue to be limited.


“The need for services has increased with the added stresses of the pandemic over the past several months. The donation from Ohana Fuels will play an integral role in making services accessible at no cost and will allow at-risk community members to feel the compassion and support they need. MAF extends great gratitude to Ohana Fuels for this support and the profound impact this donation will have on our local community.”

Maui AIDS Foundation


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